General Pet Health & Grooming Sites

Web MD : You might use Web MD for yourself, but this Web MD page is for your pets specifically and full of helpful tips to keep your pet happy and healthy.

ASPCA Pet Care : The ASPCA has been a resource for animals for a long time, and this page offers multiple vet-approved pages and tips for pet owners.

American Kennel Club’s Conditions List : If your dog is doing something strange, check out this list to get an idea of what might be going on with your dog.

New Pet Guides

IAMS puppy guide: IAMS knows that puppies can be a handful, so they offer this page full of tips not just for handling your puppy but for making sure that your puppy is in the best of health.

IAMS kitten guide : This page by IAMS is a comprehensive database of health and growth information for your little bundle of fur.

Cesar Millan on Senior Dogs : Legendary dog behaviorist and trainer Cesar Milan thinks you should adopt a senior dog, and this is a list of his reasons why.

Petfinder’s Pre-Adoption Checklist: If you are thinking about adopting a dog and have not adopted yet, check out this resource.

Spay and Neuter Resources

ASPCA Spay & Neuter Clinics: We all fall on hard times, but the ASPCA knows that and has provided this resource page.

The Humane Society : The Humane Society of the United States is an authority on preventing animal cruelty, and these are reasons why they believe spaying and neutering is the most humane thing you could do for the future of cats and dogs.

PetSmart Spay & Neuter Surgery Information : When you do get your pet spayed or neutered, check out this resource on things you can do to help your pet recover.

Pet Loss

ASPCA Pet Loss Information : A pet’s death is never easy, but this page provides tips on what to do in the event of your pet’s death.

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