Lincoln Avenue Pet Hospital & Dog Grooming– Caring For Your Pet Inside & Out

Whole Health is Important

Anyone who owns a pet knows that it is important to keep your pet well-fed, healthy and happy. Sometimes, these things can go hand in hand. For instance, if a dog’s nails become too long, it can cause them to not walk correctly, which can lead to joint and leg problems. At Lincoln Avenue Pet Hospital & Dog Grooming in beautiful Reno, Nevada, your pet’s health is taken care of as well as your pet’s looks. Our certified and caring staff is here to help Fido live a long and full life.


Lincoln Avenue Grooming has two goals : to keep your dog’s hygiene at bay to prevent any hygiene-related illness, and to get your dog looking like they are ready for a day out on the town. We offer self-service bathing, drop-off bathing and drying, nail clipping or buffering, teeth brushing and coat maintenance. All dogs get sent home with fish oil supplements for a healthy coat, 10 free allergy-reducing grooming cloths, and a typed overview of services provided. Our guarantee is that if you don’t like what you see, you don’t pay for services. Additionally, each pet wellness exam at our Hospital comes with a $10 off grooming voucher.

Wellness Visits

Lincoln Avenue Pet Hospital offers a comprehensive wellness exam for your pet. Our veterinary staff is hand-picked and screened not only for good veterinary practices, but also for compassion. Staff is trained to deal with even the most stressed and aggressive animals, as we value their health, too. During the visits, we check your pet’s vitals, weight, teeth, and update them on vaccinations. Wellness visits are recommended yearly, and we will send out a yearly reminder to bring your pet in. Additionally, we are here to see your pet if they are acting out or behaving abnormally.

24- Hour Emergency Services

Illness doesn’t stick to a 9 to 5 schedule, and neither do we. Lincoln Avenue Pet Hospital offers 24-hour walk in emergency services in case of an emergency. Finally, we recognize that emergencies can be costly, so we do offer financing options.

Mobile Spay and Neuter Services

As part of our philanthropic mission, we are dedicated to reducing the number of homeless dogs and cats. With help from our local government, we were recently able to obtain permits and equipment to operate a mobile spay and neuter service. This service aims to help out disabled, financially needy, and elderly pet owners with spaying and neutering their pets. It also spays and neuters feral dog and cat populations — allowing them to live comfortably without the needless suffering caused by reproducing homeless animals.

If you are interested in donating, volunteering, or learning more about our spay and neuter services, or if you are interested in contacting Lincoln Avenue Pet Hospital & Dog Grooming, please reach out to us. We aim to respond to you within three business hours of your call.